Video: How the Relief Society helps bring relief globally

In the Church News video ‘Jesus Christ Is Relief,’ the Relief Society general presidency members speak about offering relief to a global community.

The objective of the Relief Society since 1842 has been to bring the relief of Jesus Christ, both temporal and spiritual, to God’s children around the world, said Relief Society General President President Camille N. Johnson.

In this Church News video, titled “Jesus Christ Is Relief,” President Johnson and her counselors in the Relief Society general presidency, Sister J. Anette Dennis and Sister Kristin M. Yee, speak about offering relief to a global community.

“We have the blessing because of our service in the Relief Society presidency to look at needs on a global basis,” said President Johnson. “But we know that the way that they are satisfied is one by one.

“And so our outreach sometimes is in a very small circle. But when our sisters provide service in the place that they are at, they are part of our global movement to bring the Savior’s relief to our sisters and brothers.”

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